… Perhaps you found your way here because you were curious, did a Google search on foster care or abuse or Psalm 10 or something.

And perhaps you need to talk. You live in something akin to hell and you need to know someone is out there, who will listen.

We will listen.

We know hell. We know its circles. We know the depravity human beings, in the name of love and care, or simply because they enjoy it, can inflict. We have survived it.

If you are abused child, a foster kid in a difficult situation, broken and beaten, a young person bought and sold for sex and you see no way out, we will listen.

If you live in the Spokane area, or Northern Idaho, or elsewhere in Eastern Washington, we know people who can help, who can get you to safety. But regardless of where you live, we will listen.

And we will believe you.

If you want someone to talk to anonymously share your feelings, tell your story to, or just be with you, text one of the numbers to the left. We promise complete confidentiality.

We will listen. And we won’t let go.

Please check out our blog, how to get help by texting 911, and what you can and cannot expect from us.